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Anders Zakrisson

Me, if you happen to see me somewhere, sometime.

I’m Anders Zakrisson, team manager at the it-consultancy Sogeti in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a team of system developers and architects focusing in Java, Open Source, .Net and Web technologies. I still haven’t left the role as a consultant entirely as I give speeches, hold seminars and help and guide customers and our own consultants in the areas of my expertise; web strategy, application development and front-end web development. I’m a big proponent of using web standards for accessibility, useability, compatibility and search engine optimization.

In 2002 I started the M. Sc. education in vehicle engineering at KTH in Stockholm and during my last year I founded an incorporated design engineering company which I eventually liquidated when I realized that it took so much time to run the business side of things that I didn’t really have time to design and build the stuff that I wanted to. I did my thesis for a large heavy truck in 2007 where I also worked as a pre-development engineer researching, modeling and investigating new ways of saving fuel in long haulage. I didn’t stay long since I realized that my true calling is software and web development so I joined an it-consulting firm in march 2008 (Sogeti) as a Java consultant.

With each engagement I became more and more focused on the web aspect and started to drive an internal process to raise the awareness and prestige for proper web development, within the Swedish corporate developer community the back-end architecture is almost always seen as more advanced and on a higher level than the web layer which has led to many web sites with really crappy and non-standards compliant html solutions. I guess my drive and ideas was recognized since I promoted to a team manager for a Java and Open Source team in January 2011. Three months later I was also given a team of system developers and architects using .NET-technology.

I created my first web site in 1997 and have continuously created new sites and web applications since then. Some have been public (, for example) but most have never left the prototyping stage. Many have been designed as a practical way to explore new technologies and test concepts I’ve been eager to try whether it’s back-end or front-end technology. I also have an interest in interaction design and user experience and always try to have those disciplines in the back of my head when discussing and planning front-ends, interfaces and application flows.