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Lumebox is now a GitHub Project

Projects - December 20th, 2011

Lumebox, my open-source mobile-optimized Lightbox jQuery plugin is now a GitHub repository. Fork it and improve!

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Projects - November 4th, 2011

I’ve just launched a new website,, where I’ll blog about web development from now on. It’s not just a blog though, my main goal is to create a complete guide on how to create efficient, flexible, high performing websites with a base in clean HTML and web standards.

With that said, head over to The Guide and read about my definition of Clean Web Development and let me know if I’ve messed up something.

[...] Separately, web standards, accessibility, on-page SEO and a mobile responsive web are important but together they are extremely powerful. What’s even better is that they’re part of the same positive spiral, by making one part better the other will benefit as well. The foundation for all of these disciplines is clean HTML, proper use of DOM elements and clearly structured content.[...]


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Creating a HTML 5 Web App for iPad – Part 2

Projects - March 16th, 2011

This is the second part of a two-part article mini-series (first part here) showing some basic techniques for creating a HTML 5 web app compatible or optimized for the iPad depending on how the techniques are used. It’s not the most exhaustive guide out there, but it’s basically what I now use to progressively enhance mobile versions of the websites I create. See it as a starting point for your own experimantation!


Creating a HTML 5 Web App for iPad – Part 1

Projects - December 7th, 2010

The iPad is (at least for now) the perfect device for consuming media (on the go) and for casual browsing and news consumption. In my point of view there’s no reason for most apps to live in the App Store, the majority would work equally well (if not better) as websites or web apps with the benefit that they would be accessible on all platforms, be free from Apple censorship and are easier to develop (just count the number of HTML vs. Objective C developers). There are a few instances were the speed and processing ability is needed (such as games and media players) but most apps are basically information presenters and the web is more than adequate of handling that.

However, there are some optimizations that can be done to most websites for optimal display and a few other issues that needs to be adressed to allow websites to feel as native apps on the iPad (and other mobile touch devices).


Lumebox 2.0

Projects - November 2nd, 2010

I’ve just released Lumebox 2.0 which has some major new features, the first is that it uses the Google Ajax Feed API to pull RSS-feeds (no need for local proxies for feeds on other domains), the second major new feature is that the next image in queue to be displayed is now preloaded. Lots of small improvements are also made, particularly in scaling, positioning and transforming the images.

Width and Height of Dynamically Loaded Images in Webkit

Projects - September 24th, 2010

Another day, another problem and (luckily) a new solution when developing the next version of Lumebox. It seems as if Webkit browsers sets the image height and width before the image file has been loaded which means that when using, for example, jQuery the .loaded()-event is fired when the height is still 0. Stackoverflow was kind enough to pin down the problem in these two Q&As, but the given solutions didn’t really fix the problem.


Googles Ajax APIs and jQuery Plugins

Projects - September 22nd, 2010

I’m working on a new version of the Lumebox that utilizes Googles AJAX Feed API instead of relying on a local proxy to fetch RSS-data. Only problem was that the Google AJAX APIs uses dynamic loading in the same way as jQuery does but there’s no obvious way to sync them, which means that you can’t use external jQuery plugins out of the box. The best (and only working) solution I found online used three separate functions and a manual timeout to let the DOM’s keep up with another, this doesn’t cut it for me so set out to find a better solution.


Lumebox 1.05

Projects - July 17th, 2010

I’ve just released a new version of the lumebox at the jQuery plugin site, the new version fixes a bug where the popup isn’t correctly positioned when the popup is shown before the image has finished loading. More info and download available in My Projects/lumebox.

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New Website Design – Again

Projects - July 12th, 2010

About a year ago I launched my first version my blog as a SEO-optimized HTML 5 website, today I take it one step further with even more mimimalistic and semantic code, CSS 3 and better use of microformats. Since I’m already using WordPress behind the scenes the change is quite easy, it’s basically just a new theme and an upgrade to WordPress 3.0.


Creating a Web App – From Idea to Deployment of 2.0

Projects - January 25th, 2010

There’s currently a lot of discussion and opinions around the internet on the future of newspapers, magazines and printed media in general. I believe that the future is online, personalized news straight from the source combined with social media. I have been thinking about ways of creating a website that provides a clear, realtime overview over the current news but also lets user delve into subjects and see realtime reactions. The entire process of creating this website will be published here.