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Almost everyone takes photos on their travels, it’s a way to keep some of our happiest memories vibrant and full of life. With the advent of the digital camera the number of photos have dramatically risen, but the average quality of every photo have declined in the same rate. Everyone has the possibility to get magazine quality photos from their travels and this page will show you how.

Traffic Light in front of Notre Dame

A traffic light in front of the Notre Dame in Paris. A 35mm lens was used on the 40D.

Famous sights are famous for a reason, they’re usually beautiful and interesting. However, most standard views have been photographed millions of times. Try to find new views, either from other angels or with a proper subject in the forground and the object in the background. Notre Dame in Paris is featured here as a backdrop to a pedestrian traffic light.

Dealer at the Hard Rock Hotel

One of the dealers at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The contrast to Circus Circus is hard to believe; the girls working are amongst the hottest I've seen, the interior design is contemporary and themed (rock, obviously) at the same time and everything is clean and fresh despite it being a stronghold for the young, party happy crowd.

Locals in natural situations is a great way to capture the general feel of destinations. This dealer at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas is very descriptive of the staff at the higher end resorts and the hip, sexy vibe at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Phil Ivey waiting for cards during the WSOP 2008.

Phil Ivey waiting for cards during the WSOP 2008.

Celebrity spotting is sometimes fun, but to avoid papparazzi style photos with agitated people and crappy quality try to find the celebrities in their natural environments. Poker super stars (and many hollywood stars) such as Phil Ivey can be found at the World Series of Poker every year.

Flower and Loader

A flower lying on the back end of big loader found while walking around in Sollentuna.

Objects that stand out through their shape or colour from their surroundings provides good photo oportunities. This makes it easier to create a separated for- and background, something highly desirable for a good composition along with the rule of thirds. This flower on the back of a big loader was found while walking around in Sollentuna in Stockholm, Sweden.

Natural Portraits

Robert Erhart in Las Vegas

Poker pro Robert Erhart taking a break from live poker by playing online poker during the 2008 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

By always carry the camera, portraits can be snapped of your travelmates when they either have tired of you or aren’t aware that you take photos and thus leading to more natural portraits.

Snap Portrait of Jessica

This is a snap portrait (basically just lifting the camera and pressing the shutter release whithout any posing) of Jessica when we were walking around in London. A snapshot can often givemore natural portraits than posed ones when the main focus is on something else than photography.

Snap portraits are another technique, by having the camera ready and getting the attention of your subject you can catch their initial, natural expression right away. To stage a similar portrait often requires 5-10 minutes and 20 plus frames versus the 5 seconds and 3 frames in a snap sequence.

Carrying Gear

Since you already are a tourist no matter how much you try to blend in you can carry big cameras without anyone looking more suspicious than usual at you.The staff at stores, restaurants and tourist sites are usually pretty forgiving as well and by asking politely (or sneaking a little bit) most doors can be opened.

To carry your camera to restaurants and nightclubs in the evenings (when you want to dress in style) there’s basically two options, get a nice shoulder bag (aka “man’s bag”) or ask very nicely to any female you’ll have in the evening to put it in their purse. Since it’s dark anyway and you’ll be shooting using natural light the only items you’ll carry are the camera body and a fast 35 or 50mm prime lens. Leave all the accessories at home.

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