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My Projects

I always have too many projects going on at the same time, but this is a small, growing compilation of some of the things that are either finished or that I’m working on right now.


  • The Lumebox, a lightweight jQuery lightbox plugin with a few added features such as the ability to display RSS-feeds as well as images, basic gestures and options to show the objects in a list or one by one
  • quickGestures, a lightweight and simple gesture plugin for jQuery
  • The Cheap Gourmand, a food blog (in Swedish) ran by me and Jessica Eriksson. Basically we try to make good, somewhat healthy, food that doesn’t breake the bank account. We also try to inspire more people to make their own food instead of buying take-away or pre-fab
  • Never Grow Up Magazine, an online “lifestyle” magazine about evolving as a person, finding the best experiences and appreciating honest design and functional art that pushes the boundary.