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Creating a Web App – From Idea to Deployment of 2.0


There’s currently a lot of discussion and opinions around the internet on the future of newspapers, magazines and printed media in general. I believe that the future is online, personalized news straight from the source combined with social media. I have been thinking about ways of creating a website that provides a clear, realtime overview over the current news but also lets user delve into subjects and see realtime reactions. The entire process of creating this website will be published here.

The first version of solved the problem with combining rss-feeds and tweets to mix feature personalized feature content with realtime reactions. The problem with that app was mainly server speed, I just don’t have the resources to set up the servers necessary to parse tens or hundreds of feeds per user. The solution is to distribute the parsing to the clients, web browsers are very efficient at parsing xml which offloads this task entirely from the server.

While I’m rebuilding this functionality I thought that it would be a good idea to rethink the interface as well and create the ultimate, platform independent, personalized newspaper/magazine.  In a series of articles I will outline the steps I take to brainstorm features, prototype user interactions and functionality and finally implementing and deploying the application. I’m a fan of the IDEO way of using design thinking and prototypes so I’ll try to use as much of their methodology as I can.

The goal is to have an application finished by the time the Apple iSlate (or whatever it’ll be called) is available to the general public. I’m targeting netbook size tablets since I believe they are a very good platform for consuming news and interacting with social media on commutes, travels and when relaxing in the couch but I’m not limiting the app to those. It’ll use web standards with all computer platforms in mind.

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