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Introducing – Satisfying Your Thirst for News


Today I activated, it’s my first web application built using Grails designed to satisfy its users thirst for news. It does this by combining RSS-channels with twitters on the same subjects, this way the user can get editorial content and also see the latest buzz on the same topic as the posts.

I really like developing with Grails, it speeds up many of the mundane tasks immensely when creating applications for the web. The other side of the coin is that a lot of small problems surface during the coding and deployment of the first application in a new language on a new framework. With most of the problems out of the way is now online (or actually on and off, it’s in heavy beta)! screenshot

Screenshot from the very first version of, my first Grails application.

The version online is a really early development test, but it’s running and the most basic feature, searching for related Twitters on RSS-posts, is working. The design and layout will be changed soon and much more functionality will be added as soon as I have time, but for now please visit and give it a try!

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