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New Website Design – Again


About a year ago I launched my first version my blog as a SEO-optimized HTML 5 website, today I take it one step further with even more mimimalistic and semantic code, CSS 3 and better use of microformats. Since I’m already using WordPress behind the scenes the change is quite easy, it’s basically just a new theme and an upgrade to WordPress 3.0.

I wanted to create a cleaner and more legible design, the last one looked nice on my mockups but I was never quite satisfied with it in use. Maybe it was the fonts or the lack of dynamics but something nagged me. The last year has seen an incredible increase in adoption of CSS 3 standards by the major browsers which allows designers to add polish to pure CSS designs. My goal was to create a pleasing and polished design without any images or excessive use of styling elements, one of the main goals regarding layout was to maximize the amount of vertical space. I believe that I succeeded with all objectives, there’s a total of 0 images in the design with the minimum number of HTML elements needed for the hAtom microformat.

The design might evolve a bit more (I’m lacking dynamics and interest in the top and bottom, for example) but the overall structure is in place. I hope you enjoy it and contact me if you have any good suggestions!

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