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Project Mediastation Upgrade


I’ve just bought and installed a couple of new components into my Mediastation (htpc), a mini-itx motherboard with a dual core Atom 330 CPU and NVIDIA ION graphics which I removed the fan from, a 30GB OCZ Vertex SSD drive and two Scythe S-Flex 120mm fans to keep everything cool and inaudible.  Unfortunately I made a small bummer and ordered a motherboard with only a PCI slot (and not PCI-e x1 which I need for the Auzentech audio card) so I’m left with subpar audio until I can buy a new one, although this doesn’t relly matter until I can finish building a new pair of speakers.

The new configuration is completely inaudible as long as the storage harddrive (Samsung F1 1TB) is sleeping and only slightly when I’m really listening for it in a totally quiet room at night. It uses somewhere between 25 and 35W under full load and can play 1080p Blu-Ray and HD-DVD movies without any kind of stuttering. I’m really pleased with the platform performance, playback quality, form factor and power consumption.

I have a few ideas for packaging so hopefully I can start building the chassis soon. Until then it resides in a really oversized Silverstone HTPC chassis  where it almost looks lost.

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