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Travel Photography

Photo & Video - February 18th, 2009

Almost everyone takes photos on their travels, it’s a way to keep some of our happiest memories vibrant and full of life. With the advent of the digital camera the number of photos have dramatically risen, but the average quality of every photo have declined in the same rate. Everyone has the possibility to get magazine quality photos from their travels and this page will show you how.

Traffic Light in front of Notre Dame

A traffic light in front of the Notre Dame in Paris. A 35mm lens was used on the 40D.


Noise Reduction Guide for Digital Photos

Photo & Video - February 13th, 2009

Even though the image quality of digital cameras keep getting better and better with every generation, there’s still room for improvement in the high ISO noise department. As long as the cameras allowme to take photos that’ll show noise, I’ll do it if it means thatI can use natural lighting and sufficiently freeze the subjects movements. The highest selectable ISO setting will usually result in photos that are close to unusable, the next highest in photos that are usable but containing clearly visible noise and two stops down from the max ISO the camera takes photos which are essentially free from noise.This guide will show how to make the noisiest photos usable and make the ones on the border worthy of large prints.


Low Light Photography

Photo & Video - December 9th, 2008

When I take photos, I like to be an invisible observer and not interfere with my environment. A vital part of that is to avoid using flash. Using a flash disturbs my environment and screws the natural lighting, as a result I use a number of techniquesto allow myself to capture photos in low light situations.