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The Obsession with the 24fps Frame Rate

Photo & Video - December 17th, 2008

One of the biggest criticisms to the Movie mode of the Canon 5D mark II according to the concensus of the web is the lockdown to a fixed framerate of 30 frames per second. The critique seems to stem from the fact that since american NTSC video is captured using 30fps and Hollywood film are shot using 24fps, the video output from the 5D mark II resembles sitcoms from the 80′s rather than high quality film. Can this be true?


GM Fails to Mention The Faith of Opel

Miscellaneous - December 10th, 2008

Today GM (together with Ford and Chrysler) got its $18bn bailout from the U.S Congress which will hopefully keep them alive -until March 31st, that is. All good and well, but there’s one aspect that’s been mostly overlooked. GM has announced that they’ll focus on their core brands (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac) and either sell (SAAB, Hummer) or bury (Saturn) their non-core brands and return one to a niche product (Pontiac). What they haven’t mentioned at all is what’ll happen to Opel, Vauxhall and Holden.

Opel has been GM’s main European presence since it was acquired in 1929 and many Opel designs are global platforms for GM cars.They were sold in Buick dealerships between 1958 and 1975 but has since been sold under Saturn and Pontiac brands in the U.S. Cars from Opel are sold as Vauxhalls in the U.K. and Holdens in Australia.

What does GM mean by forgetting to mention them? My guess is that they see them as a core brand and vital part of their operation but don’t want to upset the Congress and American public by displaying that American tax-payers money could potentially go abroad. Sneaky, but maybe that’s the way the game has to be played.


GM’s Government credit details from December 2nd: GM’s asks Congress to kickstart its ambitious plan
GM’s Letter of Apology: GM’S Commitment to the American People

Corporate Blunders – Chevrolet Volt

Miscellaneous - November 28th, 2008

General Motors is in big trouble, they’ll be out of money within months without some serious cash infusion. However, they presented a possible saviour to the company in form of the Volt concept car January 7, 2007. The plug-in hybrid featured lithium-ion batteries with a gasoline drive generator to act as a range-extender and a futuristic, edgy and muscular design appealing to technology and environmental geeks, designers,muscle car fans and hip city couples. When they presented the Volt in its final production form though, they sealed their own future.

Chevrolet Volt Production Front

The Chevrolet Volt in production form. Photo by GM.


RED Presents the Fusion of Still and Video Photography

Photo & Video - November 18th, 2008

RED has teased for a while that they have something planned that will revolutionize the DSLR business in the same way that their RED ONE revolutionized the digital movie making industry. Today RED presented the modular Scarlet and Epic platform.

Jan Jannards RED presented scarce information on the Scarlet and Epic a while ago, saying that the second generation cameras from the company would be much better than the groundbreaking RED ONE, but not much more except their different uses. Scarlet being a smaller less expensive camera and Epic catering to the professional crowd with large budgets. He has also hinted on a DSMC, a Digital Movie and Still Camera that would turn the traditional DSLR industry upside down.


Why the Canon 5D Mark II is the Best Movie Camera Available

Photo & Video - November 18th, 2008

Canon wasn’t first to present a DSLR camera capable of capturing video, Nikon beat them by roughly a month with the D90. While the D90 was a rushed product concieved to take the glory from the new 5D, it doesn’t change that the 5D Mar II is the true revolution that brings 35mm feature film quality to the hands of everyone who wants it.