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Canon 5D Mark II First Impressions

Photo & Video - March 12th, 2009

Finally, close to 6 months after I places my order (when they were presented) and 3 and a half months after they started shipping I got my Canon 5D mark II yesterday. Sweden is often seen as a high-tech IT country with a hunger for new technology, something Canon must have missed when they decided the allotments of the new camera. Reports from all over the world have said that it’s been available over the counter in stores for quite a while now both in Tokyo (not so surprising) and Teheran (a bit more surprising).


One of the very first photos taken with my 5D mark II, I just took a snapshot of my desktop... A 35mm lens at F1.4 leads to a fairly wide standard view and ISO 100 an a room only using ambient lighting at night.


Canon EOS 40D Review

Photo & Video - December 3rd, 2008

One year ago, November 2007, I decided it was time that I graduated from my Canon EOS 300D digital SLR into something a bit more professional when Canon released the EOS 40D. Earlier in the autumn i had borrowed a 5D and was struck by the speed of operation and ISO performance and now wanted something similar.

The EOS 40D seemed like a good buy; reasonable money, ISO performance rivalling the 5D,decent resolution (10Mp), 6.5fps and a tough magnesium body with professional controls and speed. So as soon as it was available I ordered it and it soon showed up. My plan was to go through the different areas of performance using real world photos taken during the last year. So, here we go!