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Web Development - October 25th, 2011

Dagens Nyheter, the largest morning newspaper in Sweden, launched a new website today. The old one was a bit of a mess with horrible HTML and a design that discouraged the visitors from reading articles. Is the new one better?

In short, no. It’s still a mess from a design and user experience perspective, the front page weighs in at 2600kB and 183 requests, it has blocky fonts and while it works with JavaScript turned off it’s really a pain with NoScript and similar plugins since the requests are spread out over a number of external domains and there’s no way of knowing which is used for what. The way I see it it’s most of all a missed opportunity, with a full revamp and a move to a new platform they could have created a modern responsive website that really brings the game forward and pushes the envelope for news websites. Instead it’s just another newspaper website with a complete lack of vision and understanding of how the web works.

DN's first page 2011-10-25's first page on 2011-10-25