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Introducing – Satisfying Your Thirst for News

Projects - August 31st, 2009

Today I activated, it’s my first web application built using Grails designed to satisfy its users thirst for news. It does this by combining RSS-channels with twitters on the same subjects, this way the user can get editorial content and also see the latest buzz on the same topic as the posts.

I really like developing with Grails, it speeds up many of the mundane tasks immensely when creating applications for the web. The other side of the coin is that a lot of small problems surface during the coding and deployment of the first application in a new language on a new framework. With most of the problems out of the way is now online (or actually on and off, it’s in heavy beta)!


New Website – Semantic HTML 5, SEO and Transcendent CSS

Projects - July 30th, 2009

Over the last week I’ve been rebuilding my website from the ground up, at first it started as a small project to transform the core parts to object-oriented php as a learning excercise. However, I soon realized that once I was at it I might as well take the opportunity and rewrite the output the embrace some new technologies and better practices to generate cleaner and more modern HTML that hopefully is easier to style and even better for Search Engine Optimization.

The goal with the HTML output was to reduce the code to content-ratio (which was already quite good), reduce the amount of code and content before the main content of the page and provide more semantic tags by using HTML 5 (<article> for blog posts etc.) instead of using divs’s with different classes. In the classic practice of using both belt and suspenders I’ve also incorporated microformats into the output. Microformats clutter the code with more classes that it might otherwise be possible to skip but I think that it’ll be good for better search engine indexing and that the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Specifically, Google has said thay they embrace microformats and they provide more hooks to which CSS can be added until all browsers support CSS3.